Did you know that modern plumbing is among the top life-saving inventions of the 20th century? It has, after all, paved the way for improved sanitation, sewage treatment, and safe water. As such, experts agree that it’s one of the greatest public health achievements of the century. However, malfunctioning plumbing systems can also give rise to diseases. For instance, failed drains can leach sewage that contains germs. It’s during such instances that you should call an emergency plumber for help.

However, many plumbing issues are also non-emergencies that could wait for a day or two. We’ll give you a rundown of when plumbing woes are emergencies and when they’re not, so be sure to read on.

Emergency: Massive Plumbing Leaks

Main water supply pipes that freeze, burst, or collapse are some of the chief causes of severe water leaks. Usually, the only way to stop the flow is to shut off the main water supply valve. However, this also means cutting off the supply to the rest of your home, so you’d have no source of water at all.

As such, it’s best to call the pros for emergency plumbing repair if you have severe pipe leaks. Do the same if you have toilets that keep running or flush on their own. These can waste hundreds of gallons of water and can even force the toilet water to overflow.

Non-Emergency: Slow-Leaking Taps

The average US household has leaky plumbing components that waste 10,000 gallons of water a year. That’s about 27 gallons a day. Such leaks are usually due to faulty faucet seals and valve gaskets.

If you have a faucet or two that leak only a few drips per minute, you can, in the meantime, close their shut-off valve. These valves are usually under the sink, near the P-trap (a pipe that resembles the letter P). You can then open the valve when you need to run the leaky tap.

Doing this all the time can be tedious, though, and it also puts extra stress on the shut-off valve. It’s not an emergency, but it’s still best to call a licensed plumber in Longview, TX, for help. You can schedule the service tomorrow or in a couple of days.

Emergency: Water Gushing Out of Drains and Toilets

Drain and toilet backups definitely require emergency plumbing service.

For starters, sewage and wastewater are biohazard materials. They harbor pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, fungi, worms, and other parasites. These microorganisms can cause infections and diseases of the skin, intestines, and lungs.

Second, sewage emits sewer gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which can make you sick. H2S can irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs even at low concentrations. As such, you should avoid entering the area where the back-up occurred.

For your own safety, please don’t delay calling an emergency drain cleaning service. These professionals will clean not only your drains but the area affected by the backup, too. They have the proper equipment and tools to tackle sewage and wastewater backups.

Don’t Delay Calling an Emergency Plumber

Calling an emergency plumber is crucial if you have major leaks and drain or sewer backups. If you only have a minor issue, such as a single, slow-leaking tap, you can schedule a service call in the next day or two.

Still unsure if you need 24-hour emergency plumbing services? Feel free to ring us up here at Alco Air of Longview, Texas! Rest assured that we can help you determine if you need emergency services or if your woes can still wait.