Notice an uptick in your water bill or hear a weird noise coming from your toilet? You might have a plumbing problem to tackle, but should you do it on your own? Plumbing issues can quickly get out of hand — and rack up a lot of repair costs. For example, 10% of homes have leaks that are wasting almost 100 gallons of water every day.

If you don’t tackle your plumbing issues correctly, you can end up with serious water damage. In fact, one in fifty homeowners end up putting in insurance claims for water damage every year.

Know when you need to call a pro. Here are five signs you need to bring in a plumber.

1. No Hot Water

Is there anything better than a nice hot shower or a warm bath? You could be in a different kind of hot water if the heat shuts off.

First, check the power supply to your water heater. If it’s not working, it best to hire a plumber to get you back on track.

2. High Water Bills

Have you noticed your water bill going up? If you haven’t been filling up kiddie pools, had lots of guests in your house recently, or haven’t been showering more than usual, you’ve got a leak.

Take a look at the plumbing around your home. If you don’t see an obvious leak, that means the problem is in the walls, and it’s time to call a plumbing service.

3. Water Backs up into Wrong Drain

Picture this situation: someone flushes a toilet and suddenly your sink starts to fill with water. After a moment, you realized that the sewer line is backing up into your basins and sinks.

Typically, this nightmare scenario is a result of cracked pipes, loose joints, or trees or roots growing into your pipes. Bring in a pro to handle this plumbing emergency.

4. No to Low Water Pressure

It’s easy to just deal with low water pressure as a minor inconvenience. However, it could be a sign that there’s a big problem in your pipes, especially if you live in an older home.

Stainless steel pipes can corrode on the inside, dropping water pressure in your home. It’s too much to tackle alone, so bring in a reputable plumber service to help.

5. Debris in the Water

It’s a nasty shock to see dirt or debris flowing from a faucet when you expected clear, clean water. Cloudy or dirty water can signal a bigger, more serious problem.

Your pipes could be corroded and deteriorating or one of the pipes leading to your home could be compromised. Be sure to take care of this problem quickly because the debris can damage your plumbing.

Hire a Plumber to Deal with These Problems

These are just a few of the serious plumbing problems you can come across as a homeowner. Always keep an eye out for little changes to stop small problems from causing damage and costing a lot.

It’s important to hire a plumber you trust that has years of experience. We’re here to help deal with these plumbing problems and more — call us or schedule your service today.