Do you have a leaking toilet?

If so, you’re probably searching for causes of toilet leaks to understand where the water is coming from. Look no further-this is your article!

Keep reading to learn about the five most common causes of toilet leaks and get to the bottom of your problem, fast.

1. Cracks

While toilets are built to last, they aren’t indestructible. Cracks do occasionally develop on them over time, often starting as a hairline, and later developing into something more severe.

While this is one of the less common causes of toilet leaks, you should still visually inspect the bowl and base to rule it out.

2. Condensation

Are you sure that your toilet is leaking? In some cases, the source of water could be something simple like condensation.

Bathrooms are prone to high levels of humidity, especially during and after a shower. This can cause condensation to form on the outside of your toilet, eventually dripping down the sides.

No matter how humid your bathroom gets, condensation will not create large amounts of water. So, isn’t a likely culprit if you’re dealing with a puddle.

3. Rusted Pipes

Over time, the pipes leading to your toilet can begin to rust. Eventually, this oxidation and corrosion can lead to a crack in the pipe, allowing water to escape.

Does your leak seem to be coming from the toilet itself? If water seems to be seeping from behind a wall or beneath your floor, you could have a leaking pipe. This is a serious plumbing situation that should be remedied as quickly as possible-before the damage becomes extensive.

Hire an expert in leak detection and repairs to perform a thorough inspection right away.

4. Worn Out Seals

Are you wondering what causes water to leak around the base of the toilet?

This is one of the most commonly encountered leaks, usually due to a worn-out floor seal. If this connection point is rotten, cracked, or deteriorating, it may allow water to begin pooling.

You should also inspect the tank-to-bowl connections if you can’t immediately identify the cause of a toilet leaking at its base. The series of gaskets, nuts, and bolts that hold this system together can occasionally come loose, letting water slowly seep out.

5. Flush Valve or Flapper

Not all toilet leaks are external. In some cases, you might hear your toilet constantly running or making dripping sounds.

These could be signs that your flush valve assembly isn’t working properly. If that’s the case, your tank might be needlessly filling, and wasting water. A worn-out flapper could also be to blame, allowing water to escape from the tank into the bowl slowly, and causing it to fill over and over again.

Not sure which part is which? No worries. Understanding the parts of your toilet is easy so long as you have a visual guide.

The Causes of Toilet Leaks Explained

Now that you know the top causes of toilet leaks, you’re ready to make a thorough inspection and get to the source of the water.

But, if you can’t get to the root of the problem, you shouldn’t wait to call for professional assistance. Contact us today to get your questions answered or schedule your service. We’re happy to help!