Drain Cleaning Services in Longview, TX

A clogged drain can quickly become a huge issue for you. Besides being an annoyance because you can’t use whichever drain is clogged, it can create backup that can overflow and cause serious, expensive damage to your home. Our plumbers use modern drain cleaning technology to efficiently clean out obstructions in your home’s piping.

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Avoid Drain Cleaning Liquids

The harmful chemicals in these liquids are so powerful that they can degrade and corrode the walls of your piping, even creating leaks which may cause you costly problems down the road. Although these products seem like a quick and effective, fix they may cause you more trouble than they’re worth.

We Provide Expert Drain Auger Services

Our plumbers can use a modern tool called a drain auger to effectively solve your clogs and avoid damage. This technique allows for effective pipe and drain cleaning without having to tear up your yard and landscaping to reach the clogged pipe section.

A trained operator feeds the cable of this machine into the affected piping. A metal blade on the end of the cable is turned by the machine and tears up any debris that has collected and/or tree roots that have grown into your piping. This allows for obstructed water to flow once again.

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