If you’re looking to remodel and plumb a kitchen in the Longview, Texas area, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll break down the most common kitchen plumbing needs and how they’ll affect your remodeling budget.

Whether you’re replacing an old kitchen sink or installing new plumbing, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the services we provide. We’ll help you estimate your plumbing costs and make sure you stay on budget.

New Sink vs Replacing a Sink

One of the biggest factors that affect the price of your kitchen sink plumbing is whether you’re installing a new sink or replacing an old one. If your plumbing is staying in place, this will cost less than if you need to reroute or move plumbing to a new location.

Some sinks also sit in different positions. This means you’ll need to cut down or replace a pipe to fit everything in. When we come to inspect your project, we’ll go over our entire process to get your new kitchen sink plumbing up and running smoothly.

The Different Types of Sinks

The different types of sinks you choose will also factor into your plumbing costs. A farmhouse or apron sink, for example, sits lower in your kitchen cabinet. If you’re updating your kitchen with one of these sinks, we’ll need to adjust your plumbing to make sure everything fits where it needs to go.

A drop-in sink is the most straight-forward sink in terms of plumbing. A beautiful deep drop-in sink, however, may still need pipes adjusted to get it to fit correctly. We’ll also take care of adjusting the plumbing on a dishwasher to make sure everything works together with your new sink.

How to Plumb a Kitchen Sink With Disposal

Adding features such as a garbage disposal helps to boost the value of your home. It also gives you a great return on your investment.

If your current kitchen sink doesn’t have one, we’ll take care of the plumbing needed to install it. Whether you’re installing a new garbage disposal or replacing your existing one, we’ll get your sink and garbage disposal working in harmony.

Adding More Sinks or Pot Fillers

With more people spending time at home, more Texas homeowners are choosing to remodel and upgrade their kitchens with luxury features such as pot fillers and additional sinks.

If you’re interested in adding more than one sink to your kitchen, we can provide plumbing for beverage sinks, wet bars, or pot fillers as well. The price will vary depending on how many sinks you’re installing and what plumbing is currently in place.

Additional Kitchen Plumbing Services

In addition to plumbing your kitchen sink, we can also take care of dishwasher plumbing, refrigerator plumbing, mini-fridges, beverage fridges, and ice machines that require plumbing. We can also connect your dishwasher plumbing.

Knowing How to Plumb a Kitchen Sink Starts With Hiring the Pros

When you’re looking to plumb a kitchen sink or other appliance, it’s not the best time to try out your D.I.Y. skills. Even the best handyman may not know how to plumb a kitchen sink correctly if they aren’t a professionally trained plumber.

Leave plumbing your new kitchen sink or appliance to us to make sure everything gets done safely and correctly. To get started on your new kitchen sink or plumbing project in Longview, Texas, fill out our contact form here.