Air conditioning units are considered by many homeowners to be an essential item to have inside or outside a home in the United States, especially in Texas. In fact, 84 percent of homes in the US have a home AC unit installed. When thinking of buying a new unit, there may be some confusion about how soon you need to replace your AC.

So what is the lifespan of an AC unit? What are the signs it is time to replace it?

If you are wondering “How long does an air conditioner last?”, this is the article for you.

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Last?

On average, the lifespan of an AC unit should last about ten to fifteen years before you need to replace it. After that point, it is possible that most parts of the AC unit will no longer function as well as they had in the past. Thus, you should consider getting a brand new set of home air conditioners after about a decade.

Make sure that the new home AC unit is being installed out of necessity and not just because it is convenient. After all, some air conditioning units can be expensive to replace where you could just repair the broken parts.

How Do You Ensure an AC Unit Still Works?

There are plenty of hacks out there that claim to help certain parts of your AC last a long time. Yet, they may not work in every situation. The most important method to making sure your AC unit lifespan lasts as long as possible is to have your AC undergo maintenance

Maintaining parts of a home AC unit or the entire machine will provide your home with better air quality, so make sure your warranty stays in effect. It will prepare you for any inclement weather where you may need your air conditioning unit the most.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Home AC Unit

When should you replace your home air conditioners if the parts are not working anymore? Here are some signs that it is time to replace your unit with a new one.

  • If the motor or compressor breaks down
  • If your home feels humid
  • If the thermostat reports a relative humidity of over 50%
  • Your AC is leaking or has condensation around it
  • It makes clunking, grinding, or squealing noises frequently
  • There are too many repairs needed
  • The repairs get too expensive
  • It uses HCFC-22 or Freon as a refrigerant

Before replacing your unit once you suspect it has stopped functioning, contact your HVAC technician to get their professional opinion. The longevity of your air conditioner lifespan will depend on how soon you fix it.

Keep Track of Your AC Unit Lifespan

You may have wondered “How long does an air conditioner last?” in the past, but hopefully, the information in this article helped you learn more about the lifespan of home air conditioners.

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