Cleaning your air ducts is a household chore that usually gets overlooked. However, routine cleanings will extend the life of your HVAC system,

Replacing your air filters is not enough either. Dirt hides in the air duct, and when it piles up it forces your HVAC system to work harder. Along with extending its lifespan, keeping your air ducts clean will also keep your energy bill down, improve your indoor air quality, and help with allergies.

How often should you clean your air ducts? We’re going to answer that question and tell you everything else you need to know about air duct maintenance in this guide. Let’s get started.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Ideally, you should clean them every three to five years. However, sometimes there are signs that you should clean them more often. For instance, if your air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working well in the summer, it might be a sign that dirt, allergens, and dust are clogging your air ducts.

Here are some other signs that you need to clean them:

1. You See Mold

Mold is not something to mess around with, so if you spot it anywhere near your heating and cooling system, you need to do a deep cleaning. You may see some mold around your air vents, but mold inside is harder to find.

However, if you start to notice a musty odor in your home, that could be a sign of mold in your air ducts. If you see mold, you should immediately call an HVAC technician to remove it.

2. There Is Overwhelming Dust

If you clean your home regularly and still notice a layer of dust on your surfaces, your ducts may be clogged up. In fact, dust can collect so much that it starts coming out of your air vents.

If you see this happening, clean them, replace your air filters, and dust around the air ducts.

3. You See an Insect or Rodent Infestation

Insects or rodents inside can cause serious problems with your indoor air quality. They both leave behind droppings that spread bacteria through your air ducts, and rodents will build nests that clog your ducts.

Protect your air quality by hiring an exterminator to take care of the infestation. Make sure your whole home also gets inspected for holes so that insects and rodents can’t get in again.

4. Your Energy Bill Skyrockets

If you get an energy bill that’s unusually high, your air ducts may be blocked. The reason the bill is so high is that your air conditioning system is forced to work harder when the ducts are dirty. Compare your bill to the same month from last year to see if this may be the case.

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Routinely cleaning your air ducts will save you from hassle down the line. It will also improve your air quality, keep your energy bill down, and extend the life of your system.

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