Let’s face it, we’d all be lost without great local plumbers. The US plumbing industry is worth $134 billion and employs over half a million people. And for good reason – we need them to function and they bail us out when things go wrong. If you’re in the market for the services of a local plumbing company, what should you expect?

We’ve put together three key points to look for so you can make sure you’ve made the right choice.

1. Licensed and Insured

Plumbers in Longview, TX must comply with strict state laws regarding licensing and insurance.

The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners issues licenses to plumbers in Texas. There are four different categories, depending on their experience and job role. These are:

  • Tradesman Plumber – Limited
  • Journeyman
  • Master
  • Plumbing Inspector

Ask the plumbing company in Longview, TX to provide you with the license number for the plumber they’re sending to your home. You can go online and check that it is still valid, giving you confidence they’re qualified to work on your home.

When you let local plumbers work in your home, you place them in a position of trust. But of course, even with the most careful preparation, accidents and unexpected events can happen. That’s why plumbers must carry general liability insurance.

This form of insurance protects you in the event you suffer bodily harm. It also covers your home if property damage occurs. Feel free to ask the company about the level of coverage they provide so that you feel confident allowing them to work in your house.

2. Wide Range of Services

Well-qualified and experienced local plumbing companies are able to provide a wide range of services. This includes both water and gas plumbing services. Whether you need regular maintenance and servicing, repairs, or a new installation, you should be able to go to one company for everything.

Sometimes, plumbing issues strike at the worst possible time. Look for a local plumbing company that has an emergency after-hours service you can call in your time of need.

3. Customer Satisfaction

The best local plumber is one who leaves his or her customers happy.

Look for a Longview plumber or plumbing company with a great reputation online. We don’t just mean looking at testimonials on their own website. Look a little further afield, checking out online review sites and getting a feel for the company.

Even the best local plumbing company will get the odd bad review from time to time. But you can learn a lot about them from how they handle complaints. Companies that value their customers will reply courteously and do whatever is needed to put the problem right.

Choose Alco Air as Your Go-To Local Plumbing Company

The best local plumbing company for you is licensed, insured, and ready to handle any situation. They also have a great reputation in the local community.

Look no further than Alco Air. We’re based in Longview, TX. We’ve been serving the people of East Texas for over 30 years and pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

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