Can you believe that Texas had the worst rash of smog pollution in a decade due to the recent heatwave? While individual people can’t control the air quality outside, they at least have the means for improving indoor air quality. That way, you don’t have to worry so much about your loved one’s health. Of course, it takes some effort to get the air quality up to acceptable standards.

Keep reading to learn how to improve indoor air quality at home in Marshall, TX.

Replace the AC Air Filter

While it’s often easy to forget, replacing your air filter on a regular basis is the single most effective way you can maintain the highest air quality without the help of AC companies. Over time, an air filter will become stuffed with dust, dirt, debris, and more. That means it’s doing its job but, at some point, it won’t work effectively enough.

You could even start to notice the debris in the air you’re breathing. Depending on the type of AC filter you invest in, you might have to replace it every month, every few months, or after 6 months. If you forget to replace the filter for long periods of time, you may even end up having to search “AC repair near me” in Google.

Of course, there’s only so much you can do on your own. This is why it’s worth enlisting the help of professionals in Marshall, Texas for further indoor air quality improvement.

Have Professional Regularly Maintain Your HVAC System

Even with an air filter, an HVAC system will get dirty over time. If there are one or more leaks, for instance, you could have mold growth within the ducts. Black mold, in particular, can end up being lethal.

This is why it’s so essential to fix air conditioner leaking/AC pan leaking as fast as possible. The longer you wait, the worse your air will get.

By signing up for regular maintenance in Longview or Marshall, a professional can catch problems before they turn into something that’s much more expensive and dangerous. The best companies can even offer you an AC repair-free estimate.

Keep the Stove Fan Running

Do you want more indoor air quality advice?

Yet another way you can reduce harmful particles and gases is by keeping your stove fan on when cooking.

This is especially important if you cook using a gas stove. Don’t forget to open a window or two as well.

Ready to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Now that you’ve learned how to improve your indoor air quality at home in Marshall, TX, you can ensure your family members and friends breathe only the purest air.

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