On average, it can get down to 39 degrees in Longview, TX during the winter. And when there are such cold temperatures, it’s very possible that cold pipes can turn into frozen ones. If your pipes are frozen, then they can burst and create a huge headache to deal with. Not only is it expensive to fix, but it’s also a hassle. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare for winter plumbing. Read on to see professional advice for prepping your pipes from plumbers in Longview, TX.

Insulate Your Pipes

Check your garage, attic, and crawl space. If there are any pipes that are uncovered, then you need to add insulation.

Make sure you add heat cables too. This can help your pipes get through long periods of cold weather without freezing.

Seal Your House

Check both the interior and exterior of your house for cracks and other air leakages. These will make your home less energy efficient, and the more cold air there is inside, the more likely your pipes will freeze.

If you find any cracks, use spray foam or caulking to seal them up.

Shut Off Your Outdoor Faucets

Find the shutoff valves for your outdoor faucets. Before shutting them off, you should actually open the faucets and the bleeder caps. This way, you’ll drain any remaining water.

Shutting off your outdoor faucets is key to getting through the winter, as any water left inside can freeze. As a result, your pipes might crack.

You should also disconnect your hoses, drain them, and store them away.

Get Your HVAC System Inspected

Before the cold temperatures arrive in Longview, TX, have your HVAC system inspected by a specialist.

They’ll be able to check that everything’s working properly. And if they find anything that’s awry, they can quickly repair it. This will ensure you’ll stay nice and warm without leaking or broken pipes in the winter.

Another added benefit is that if you catch things early on, they won’t take as long to fix. It also won’t cost a pretty penny either!

You’ll save money in more ways than one as well; by keeping your HVAC system maintained, you’ll prolong its lifespan.

Leave Your Faucet Running

If there’s a cold snap, turn on your faucets a little. That way, if pipes have indeed frozen over, this can relieve some pressure.

While this might run up your water bill, you’ll still pay a lot less than you would for fixing a cracked pipe!

Get Excellent Plumbers in Longview, TX

Now you know how to prepare your pipes for the winter so you don’t get frozen pipes.

Of course, it can be a lot easier with professional help. So for plumbers in Longview, TX, count on Alco Air, as we have over 30 years of experience. We’ve got outstanding technicians on our staff.

Contact us today to get expert assistance with your home’s pipes this winter!