Prevent Frozen Pipes Now To Save Hassle & Money Later

Thankfully, as residents of the Longview, TX area, we don’t have to think about the consequences of freezing temperatures all too often. But as a result, many of us are often caught unprepared when those below freezing temperatures finally arrive

If you are left unsure of how to get your home ready, you could end up spending thousands of dollars for a plumbing repair that would have been pretty easy to avoid in the first place. When local temperatures plunge, the water in your plumbing system could freeze and burst your pipes, causing major leaks. It could even harm your water heater.

Alco Air is here to help you take a few simple steps to avoid major stress this season.

Frozen water pipe with frost on it.

Steps to Take Before a Freeze

It is important for your plumbing to keep one eye or ear out for the weather forecast. Be sure to check before you go on any holiday vacations so that you can have complete peace of mind. If there are going to be any overnight freezes, take these steps:

1) Keep The Heat On – It does save money to lower your thermostat before you leave the house, but it will save even more money to prevent a pipe freeze.

2) Crack Cabinet Doors – Open the doors below kitchen and bathroom sinks to help move warmer air around the pipes. This is especially important if the pipes are coming out of an exterior wall.

3) Leave Faucets Dripping – Perhaps the most well-known tip to avoid frozen pipes is to let faucets drip. If you know which faucet is the furthest from the water main, that sink is really all you need for good circulation.

With the unpredictable storm patterns coming in this year, who knows what kind of icy nights are on the way. Try these tips out, and your chances of dealing with floods, repair expenses and cold showers from broken pipes and water heaters are diminished.

Stay Warm & Happy This Winter

Alco Air takes pride in being a trusted plumber for the Longview, TX area. We can help save you money with professional plumbing advice and service at any time of the year. Call us with questions or service requests at 903-212-7708 .