5 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Home For Hosting This Holiday Season

There are few things as simultaneously exciting and stressful as the holiday season. Alco Air would like to help you alleviate some of that. We’re plumbing and HVAC experts, and over the years as a professional contractor, we have responded to some unfortunate breakdowns and issues that have disrupted the holiday cheer. Many of these instances could have easily been prevented with regular maintenance.

So in order to help you make sure you get the most out of your time with friends and family during the festivities, we have come up with our top five plumbing and HVAC maintenance suggestions.

Check On the Condition of Your Water Heater

This is the time of year when guest bedrooms get pretty good use. With people staying over, you’ll need reliable hot water. A little bit of water heater maintenance now can ensure your guests will be greeted with a nice hot shower in the morning.

Alco Air Service Technician working.

Give Your Drains & Sewer a Helping Hand

How do you know if your plumbing is ready to handle several times the amount of traffic it is used to? You can pour a natural drain cleaner (like vinegar and baking soda) down your sinks and tubs to break up anything that will eventually lead to a bad clog. Pay special attention to any slow-moving drains and address those small clogs before they turn into serious issues.

Get on Top of Illness Prevention

Washing hands, using hand sanitizer, sneezing into your elbow, wiping off kitchen surfaces and not sharing cups and utensils are good ways to avoid illness. But you can do more! There are many products available to combat the colds and flus that go around during family gatherings. A whole house air purifier is a great solution.

You might also notice that the air is getting drier and more uncomfortable. It not only feels unpleasant, but it can help breed viruses. A whole house humidifier can help you there.

Ensure Dependable Heat & Comfort

As soon as guests walk through the door, one of the first things they appreciate is a warm house to relax in. The heating side of your HVAC system makes this happen, so proper heating maintenance is simply essential to avoid breakdowns.

Our heating maintenance includes:

  • Tune-up done at your convenience.
  • Thorough cleaning and adjustments.
  • Options for ongoing maintenance to protect your investment.

A Few Reminders For Your Garbage Disposal

You will probably be cooking or having a potluck with all kinds of holiday meals. We’re here in case things go sour, but if you avoid throwing these down your garbage disposal, you might not have to call us at all:

  • Grease, after doing your cooking.
  • Nuts from holiday snacks.
  • Tails/shells from your seafood appetizers.
  • Eggshells & pumpkin guts from pies.
  • Harsh drain cleaners.

Also remember, no bones–throw the turkey waste in the trash!

If Alco Air can help you with any plumbing or HVAC maintenance before things get any busier, let us know! Call us at 903-212-7708 .