Did you know that boilers are a very energy-efficient heating system? What’s more, the Department of Energy reviews boiler systems and rates them based on energy efficiency. But how does a boiler work?

As a homeowner, you may wonder how do you maintain a boiler? Here we’re taking you through some of the finer points. Continue reading below to learn more about these essential topics.

What Does a Boiler Do

You may not know it, but the boiler is the heart of your heating system. A fair comparison is a big fire fueled by gas that heats the water and then circulates it through the pipes in your home to keep the rooms warm. When you want your home to be comfortable, you turn the boiler on using an electrical switch.

How Do Boilers Work

Sometimes being able to warm the rooms of our home seems like a miracle, but it’s not; it’s science. How does the room get warm? You know it’s the boiler doing the work, but how does it happen?

A boiler contains a central chamber, where, with the help of combustion air, heating occurs. The transfer of heat to the water is accomplished using a heat exchanger, where water is heated.

In the past, boilers would heat the water to make steam, but today’s boilers use natural gas, butane, or propane to heat water.

The heated water is then pumped through a network of pipes to the radiator in each room. This method helps to distribute heat in each room evenly and provides a uniform temperature throughout your home.

Boiler Maintenance Tips

Keeping your boiler fit is essential and ensures that your house is warm in the winter months, but maintenance should be a priority all year round according to heating and plumbing experts. Here are a few suggestions to keep your heat running when you need it most:

Turn Your Heat On

Did you know that it’s essential to turn your heat on regularly and not only during the winter months? Turning on your boiler during the summer months ensures your heat works during the times you need it.

Have Your Boiler Serviced

Annual maintenance assures that your boiler is in tip-top shape, prevents costly breakdowns, and will improve its lifespan.

Bleed Your Radiators

If you notice that your radiator is warm in some areas while cool or cold in others, it is generally a sign that air is trapped inside. The air caught inside can decrease your radiator’s efficiency, making it critical to remove it quickly.

Place plastic sheeting below the radiator to protect your floors or carpeting, and then locate the bleed valve. Place a hex key in the valve and turn it counterclockwise. You will hear the radiator make a hissing sound as the air is released.

Once the noise stops, place the hex key in the valve again and turn it clockwise to close it.

Now That You Know How Does a Boiler Work

Now you see knowing how does a boiler work is essential to keeping your home comfortable all year round.  Put some of these tips on your to-do list to save time and money while increasing the life span of your boiler.

When your boiler needs annual maintenance, our professionals at Alco Air are ready to assist. We’ve been committed to helping families in East Texas for over 30 years. Heating and plumbing problems are no fun; contact us today to schedule an appointment.