In some states, fall and winter mean no extra expense cooling down the house. In others, it means a high heating bill.

Getting the most out of your heating and cooling system means knowing how to set the thermostat when asleep, awake, or away. With the right settings, the AC cost should not be exorbitant, even in the most extreme months.

To find out how to master your heating and cooling system, check out the tips below.

Average AC Cost

In the United States, 31% of households struggle to afford their energy bills each year. These citizens had to spend months at unsafe temperatures, risking their health as they spent their limited earnings on other immediate bills like food or rent.

Even in Texas, many people rely on public assistance to pay their energy bills. Sadly, many of these programs are losing funding and some people face desperation as it gets colder outside.

The average AC cost should not be unaffordable. Use the tips below to get through the upcoming season.

When at Home

When at home and awake, homeowners will use the most energy regulating the temperature inside the house. Still, it’s important not to set the temperature too high as you will soon find yourself boiling hot.

You can save some extra cash by setting the temperature a bit lower and supplementing with warm clothes. The thermostat does not need to be set any higher than 68 degrees.

When Asleep

When asleep, there should be blankets keeping you warm. Hopefully, you get a nice 8 hours of rest. During this time, the thermostat can be set 10 to 15 degrees lower.

It may be daunting to get up in the morning, which is why a smart thermostat is so convenient. It can be programmed to adjust the temperature before you wake up to keep you comfortable.

When Away

When not at home, it is a huge waste of money to have the thermostat set high. It may seem like a good idea to turn off the system completely when on vacation, but the lack of air circulation may support the growth of mold and mildew.

Instead, set the temperature a few degrees higher than the outside to keep air moving. If the heating system is working as efficiently as modern systems should, the energy bill should still be affordable.

If your energy bills are still out of control despite these cost-saving methods, it may be time for heating repair, heating maintenance, or an entirely new heating system.

Ask the Experts

Finding the right thermostat setting is not just about AC cost, but about comfortability as well. It can even play an important role in your mental and physical health but setting the thermostat to the wrong temperature can be like throwing money away.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to consult HVAC experts. Contact us to learn more about how to save money in the fall and winter months.