Experiencing Symptoms of Dry Air?

Dry air may be inescapable outside, but it doesn’t have to be in your home. You may have tried a few solutions that didn’t work or partially worked, but there are other options that can actually be 100% effective. Most of the time it just takes a professional crew like Alco Air to get the situation under control. And we will always help you find the most affordable solution.

The Longview Area Climate

Alco Air has provided affordable services to the local area for 30 years, so we’ve become very familiar with the climate and how it impacts residents. Although Northeast Texas is typically burdened by high humidity levels, dry air can still be a problem, especially in colder weather. In winter, during times when indoor heating is necessary, the use of artificial heat can exacerbate the problem.

texas winter

Effects of Low Humidity Inside

  • Health Effects – Dry skin, nosebleeds and weakened immune systems are some symptoms caused by low moisture.

  • Bacterial Growth – Bacteria can multiply to unsafe levels if the air is too dry.

  • Splitting Furniture – Wooden furniture and floors may start splitting without enough moisture to keep it flexible.

Common Causes of Dry Air

  • Leaky Ductwork – Dry air finds its way through improperly installed and old ductwork.

  • Unsealed Attic – Attics, a frequently unused part of the house, need to be sealed to stop dry air from seeping inside.

  • Local Climate – Texas humidity levels are often very volatile, with predominately dry air in the western part of the state and high humidity levels in the east.  This certainly poses certain challenges other areas of the country do not face.

Why Humidifiers Aren’t Always the Solution

leaky ducts

Humidifiers can be great on their own. In fact, sometimes they are the best solution. But they are ineffective if the air continues to be replaced by outdoor air. If the air remains dry inside after running a humidifier, then chances are your home is not properly sealed. It can be almost impossible to determine where the leaks are coming from on your own.

HVAC Solutions for Low Humidity in the Home

The experts at Alco Air are trained to repair ductwork, seal attics and take other preventative measures for your home depending on your specific needs. We will inspect and evaluate your home and guide you through options of humidifiers, air purifiers, duct sealing, and/or whole house ventilation, based on our findings.

Want to learn how to get rid of your dry air problem? Visit our indoor air quality pages and reach our friendly consultants certified in North American Technician Excellence at 903-212-7708 .