Dirt Buildup in Your AC Unit Can Mean Serious Trouble

HVAC systems are susceptible to lots of different types of wear and tear, but dirt and debris within the inner workings can cause huge problems for your cooling system. With summer right around the corner, your AC system will be working nearly around the clock to keep you and your family comfortably cool during the heat. Seasonal HVAC maintenance from a licensed technician will remove dirt and grime from all of the components within your system and reduce the chances of costly repair bills from a system breakdown.

Schedule HVAC maintenance from Alco Air today to avoid expensive problems associated with dirt buildup.

Dirt Can Lead To A Surprise, Costly Breakdown

When dirt and grime collect in your HVAC unit, the performance of components is impeded. The dirt causes friction that makes your system work unnecessarily hard to keep your air cool. The resulting overwork can lead to equipment failure.

Here are the specifics on dirt’s effects on important components within your AC system:

  • Blower
  • Specifically for cooling, the blower is needed to push warm air over the coil so that it does not freeze. The blades are made for this function, so when dirt builds up on them, it reduces their effectiveness in warming the coil. When enough dirt builds up on the blower, it can result in your entire AC system shutting down.
  • Condenser Coil
  • When your condenser coil is caked in grime not only is its efficiency reduced, but it may cause the compressor to be pushed beyond its limits, leading to a breakdown. And a broken compressor will be expensive to repair or replace.

When you schedule HVAC maintenance before the cooling season begins, you’ll ensure that your equipment and its associated components are clean. This will drastically increase the efficiency of your system, lowering your energy costs while simultaneously reducing your risk of being stuck with a big repair bill from an unexpected breakdown. And to top it off, you’ll be assured of comfortably cool air during the summer heat.

Schedule HVAC maintenance from Alco Air today to avoid expensive problems associated with dirt buildup.

Avoid Substandard Air Quality

Dirt laden parts in your HVAC unit can end up circulating dirt particles throughout your home’s air ducts, which affects the cleanliness of you air. These contaminants may include:

  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Pollen

When these contaminants are constantly pushed through your air they can cause asthma symptoms to worsen, chronic headaches and eye, throat and respiratory irritation. Professional HVAC maintenance from a qualified Alco Air technician will remove these contaminants from your AC unit so they won’t be distributed through your home’s air ducts.

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