AC Drain Cleaning

Spring is here in Texas and that means that summer is right around the bend. We all know how hot it gets here during the warm months and that means your air conditioning unit will be working day in and day out to keep your home and family comfortably cool.

This also means that your HVAC drain line will be expelling a good amount of water and can quickly develop a clog that can cause multiple problems, including shutting down your system. The last thing you want during the rising heat is to be left without working AC. We’ve compiled some information so you know what to do when your air conditioner drain is clogged.

Call Alco Air today for professional AC maintenance when your air conditioner drain is clogged.

What Does My Drain Line Do?

The drain line, also known as the condensate line, gets rid of condensation that is made by your evaporator coils. This narrow pipe generally excretes small amounts of water after your AC unit has just been turned on, opening up and releasing the water at a point outside in your yard.

If clogged, problems can ensue. Things like algae and mold can begin to thrive in your drain. This can lead to unwanted, higher rates of humidity, water damage and even unpleasant, musty smells within your home. A clogged drain can also cause your AC unit to turn off if it senses water backup in the condensate line.

How Does My Drain Line Become Clogged?

When your AC pulls moisture from your home’s air, it condensates on your unit’s evaporator coils. The water on the coils then falls into a pan, where it flows out of your home via the drain pipe. Bacteria and dust particles from the air can gather together in this con

Call Alco Air today for professional AC maintenance when your air conditioner drain is clogged.

3 Signs Your Drain Line Is Clogged

  • Moldy Odors
  • Although a moldy odor could be caused by multiple AC system problems, this can also be a sign that your drain line is clogged.
  • Stagnant Water
  • Small amounts of water near your AC unit are not generally signs of detrimental issues, but if there are unusually large pools of water collecting near your unit, this is definitely a problem and may be related to your drain pipe.
  • Regularly Full Condensate Pan
  • If the condensate pan seems to always be full, even after recent emptying, this may point to a drain line blockage. This constant amount of standing water is fertile ground for mold to grow and thrive.

Regular AC Maintenance Prevents Drain Clog Problems

When you have regular AC maintenance by a professional Alco Air technician, drain blockage is less likely to occur. During our thorough maintenance, we’ll inspect and clean components within your AC unit that are vital to its efficient operation, including the condensate drain pipe.

Call Alco Air today at 903-212-7708 to have one of our NATE certified technicians perform regular preventative AC maintenance on your system, ensuring your drain line is cleaned to allow for reliable function and comfort for your home.