Why Is My AC Unit Leaking Water?

If you’re noticing a puddle on the floor next to your AC unit, it is most likely water or refrigerant.  If left too long, your leak could cause water damage That’s why we at Alco Air have identified 5 main reasons you would be experiencing a leak and what you can do about it.

Noticing your air conditioner leaking? It might be time to call for a repair.
Noticing your air conditioner leaking? It might be time to call for a repair.

#1 – Your Air Filter is Dirty

The air filter is responsible for catching small particles of dust and debris that flow through the system. When the air filter isn’t changed in time, it gets clogged, impacting ventilation. This can cause the evaporator coil to freeze condensation. And when that condensation melts, that’s when you notice puddles.

A frozen coil can also be caused by a refrigerant leak. If your unit is low on refrigerant, it means it has a leak, because refrigerant it is not a fuel source and doesn’t get “used up”. The best course of action is to replace your filter before the improper ventilation causes worse damage. If that doesn’t stop the leak, then it’s probably a refrigerant leak that needs attention from an Alco Air technician immediately.

#2 – The Inside of Your System is Dirty

Even with a great air filter, dust will accumulate on this system. And when it does, it forms a layer on the evaporator coil that makes it difficult for condensation to evaporate properly, forming puddles.

Regular maintenance can help prevent this!

#3 – There was an Improper Installation

A lot can go wrong if an unlicensed or unreliable HVAC technician installs an air conditioner in your home. One thing that could happen is drain pipe fittings could loosen over time from an improper installation. Other poor installations can cause leaking due to:

  • Non-level unit
  • Too much internal pressure
  • Improper calculations or procedures

A good repair can set this right.

Noticing your air conditioner leaking? It might be time to call for a repair.

#4 – The Drain Pan is Damaged

The overflow drain pan is made of either plastic or metal, but in either case, it can corrode/deteriorate over time. If you know where the drain pan is located, you can shine a flashlight on the area and check for damage.

If it is damaged, it just needs a very simple replacement.

#5 – The Drain Lines are Clogged

If a clogged condensate drain line is the culprit, you will probably notice a lot of flooding underneath your unit. It can potentially be dangerous if your air conditioner is stacked on top of your furnace, which can cause the unit below to rust.

If the drain lines are clogged, a special vacuum can be used to clear the way.

Contact A Professional

If you notice a puddle near your AC unit, we’re always here to help at Alco Air at 903-212-7708 no matter what the cause of your issue.