How can an HVAC Zoning System Improve Comfort Levels in Your Home?

Do you always have a room or area of your home hotter or colder than the rest of the house? Are you tired of wasting energy heating or cooling a room that’s not regularly used? An HVAC zoning system is exactly what you want!

The key components of an hvac zoning system are incredibly simple. The first piece is an advanced thermostat. The second part are electronic dampers in the ductwork that strategically direct the airflow. The benefits of this simple system, however, have a pretty big impact on the comfort level of your Longview, TX area home. Our expert technicians at Alco Air list the top three benefits of a zoned system below.

Using a zoned system can provide you with more customized heating and cooling.

3 Benefits You Will See With a Zoned System

These are the immediate results of having a zoned system installed:

1. Your System Will Be More Energy Efficient – A lot of people consider this to be the biggest advantage. If you only heat or cool in specific rooms, you aren’t wasting energy on the areas you don’t need it. If you have unused rooms, they don’t need to be heated. Neither do rooms you will definitely not go in all night.

Using a zoned system can provide you with more customized heating and cooling.

2. Customize the Temperature – Do members of your household have different temperature preferences? Do you like bathrooms to be warmer or cooler than the rest of the house? If the answer is yes to either of these questions or you have other temperature preferences, you will enjoy a zoned home.

3. Eliminate Hot and Cold Areas – No matter how well a house is built, traditional HVAC systems aren’t 100% effective at maintaining a consistent temperature throughout it.

3 Situations Where You Might Benefit From a Zoned System

Certain styles of homes can struggle with fluctuating temperatures room by room. If one of these examples below describes the situation in your home, then you would probably benefit from and enjoy a zoned hvac system:

  1. Multi-Story Home – Hot air often gets trapped upstairs, and cold air can stick downstairs. Combat this with zoning.
  2. Guest Rooms – You should only worry about heating or cooling when you actually have a guest. For the rest of the time, you can take it off your mind–and your bill.
  3. Rooms With Large Windows – Large windows aren’t usually good insulators. Compensate with a zoning system.
Using a zoned system can provide you with more customized heating and cooling.

If you are considering a zoning system, Alco Air is always here to answer questions or provide estimates at 903-212-7708 .