Did you know that HVAC systems account for approximately forty percent of energy use in most buildings? No matter the time of year, maintaining proper indoor temperatures and air quality is something we’ve all learned to prioritize. However, like any piece of equipment, HVAC systems can age, become damaged, or deteriorate.

In such scenarios, it is of utmost importance to navigate the repair process as carefully as you can. Firstly, giving your home’s HVAC system the right fixes requires knowing what not to do. This brief guide will break down some common mistakes with HVAC repairs that all homeowners should avoid.

1. Neglecting Filters

Even if you perform regular HVAC maintenance, one of the easiest things to overlook when it comes to your own system is its air filters. As your outdoor HVAC unit brings more and more outdoor air into your home each day, the airborne contaminants gradually accumulate. Over time, this can clog your filters and cause your HVAC system to work harder to distribute less air.

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you change your air filter every one to three months, depending on the quality of your filter.

2. Improper Repair of Leaks

It is important to remember that HVAC systems are fluid-based, which can sometimes leave them liable to leaking. With prolonged use, you may notice water, refrigerant, or even oil or gas begin to leak from your unit.

Small water leaks are rather common and thus are often ignored. However, a leak of any size or variety can mean long-term problems for your unit, so you should absolutely consult an HVAC repair service to fix it.

3. Overworking Your HVAC Unit

Whether from age, deterioration or an unknown but fixable problem, we may notice that our HVAC system isn’t running as efficiently as it used to. To combat this, some people will simply re-adjust the unit’s output, causing it to work harder.

This approach will not only take a toll when your energy bill rolls around, but it will also further hurt the longevity of your unit.

4. Not Knowing When To Replace

Like it or not, HVAC systems do indeed have a finite lifespan. The average life of an HVAC system tends to be about fifteen years.

Trying to squeeze too much life out of a unit that has long exceeded its lifespan will end up hurting your wallet far more than it helps. Even if you forego repair expenses, your energy expenses will prove a real burden.

5. Mistakes With HVAC Repairs After Not Consulting Professionals

It can seem appealing to tackle technical problems with your HVAC system on your own for zero cost. Nonetheless, the easiest way to avoid all mistakes with HVAC repair is to leave it to experienced professionals.

If you aren’t experienced in repairing HVAC systems, it will be an investment that pays for itself!

Don’t Let Your HVAC Problems Get Worse!

Making mistakes with HVAC repairs can potentially hurt your unit worse than the original problem itself, so don’t hesitate to ask for help! We here at Alco Air pride ourselves on proving fast and fair HVAC service all throughout East Texas.

Contact us today and let us help you breathe easier!