So, you’ve just brushed your teeth, and after turning on your sink faucet, water keeps rising and doesn’t drain! Don’t be scared because there are no signs that’ll let you know the drains are about to clog.

Although severe clogging issues may require an expert drain cleaner, there are varying paths that you can use in the drain cleaning process.

But how does the drain cleaning process work, and what do you need to clear all the clogging materials? Read on to find how.

Scheduled Maintenance Program

You don’t have to wait till your drainage systems cease to function to call in a plumber. While using the sinks and other drainage points, debris, grease, and food particles will gently build up on the system.

If these elements are not cleared in the system for months, they’ll eventually clog the entire system.

Regular drainage inspection from a competent shower drain cleaner in Marshall, TX, can identify the issue before it develops into a problem. Using high-definition plumbing cameras, technicians will pinpoint problematic areas.

Now that a technician has identified the blockage, what next?

Use Drain Snake

What happens when your toilet or sink drain gets blocked in the middle of the night? Before you call an expert, you must try using a drain snake to clear the clog.

After attaching the metallic coil to the cable, insert it inside the drain and try to twist once you feel a blockage.

Are you finding it hard to remove it or twist it further? Stop twisting the cabling to avoid damaging the pipes and call your trusted plumber. They’ll come with a unique drainer cleaner tool and clear the clog in minutes.

Try Hydro-Jetting

With the help of a plumbing camera, technicians check whether the pipes are damaged before inserting a special hose pipe into the system. They can now connect the pipe to a high-pressure tank and allow pressurized water to clean the drain.

When the hose moves in the drain, it releases powerful water jets from the hose’s nozzle, which lets out water in different directions. This force assisted by gravity will then flush all the clog away and leave the drainage system clean.

Still doubting whether hydro-jetting could clear the clogs? This powerful drain cleaning technique can remove tree roots, mineral deposits, and grease clogs amounting to years in the system.

Hot Water Does the Trick

Did you know that regular flushing of drain pipes using hot water could save you from severe clogs? Gunk buildup could be paralyzed by flushing hot water after a few weeks on your sinks.

However, you need to apply it for at least 15 minutes and increase pressure for it to work.

When hot water gets into contact with the buildups, it’ll dislodge them and restore your drainage pipes to their optimal performance. The process is cheap and could be repeated often for functional drain systems.

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