Did you know that the average air conditioning system is only designed to last between twelve and eighteen years? Like any household appliance, an AC unit is liable to natural deterioration over time. However, with attention and maintenance, this lifespan can be stretched significantly.

When your air conditioning system is experiencing issues, a variety of unusual sounds can serve as telltale signs of unique problems within the unit. Have you noticed that your air conditioner makes loud noises when starting? If so, this brief guide will help break down what those specific sounds could mean and what you can do.

Unusual Sounds From Your Air Conditioner: What They Mean

There is no single uniform sound that a noisy air conditioner might make. In fact, the specific nature of the noise can be your first clue as to the precise nature of the problem.

For example, a loud banging noise signals that certain components have been knocked loose within your unit’s compressor. A compressor controls the amount of refrigerant your HVAC system uses to cool your home. With age, pieces can come loose and smack against the inside of your unit’s frame, creating a banging sound.

A screeching sound, on the other hand, likely signals a problem with the fan inside your unit. Something might be caught in the fan or it might have simply deteriorated a bit over time. Either way, unwanted friction produces a steady shriek as the unit operates.

Another common sound you may hear, especially with an outdoor unit, is excessive rattling. This usually means that small pieces of debris such as sticks, leaves, or dirt have found their way into the unit, being blown around during operation.

Of course, any such sounds call for immediate attention or HVAC system repair before the problem potentially worsens.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noises When Starting

Your air conditioning unit should already receive professional tune-ups at least once a year. Similarly, to treat the problem of unwanted noise from your unit, you will want to consult the best HVAC service Marshall TX has to offer.

With qualified HVAC maintenance, the exact source of the unusual sound will be targeted, and the necessary parts will be replaced. Trying to fix the problem on your own can yield additional damage at an increased cost. A knowledgeable professional team can save you time and money instead.

Don’t Wait For a Simple Fix to Become a Big Fix

If your air conditioner makes loud noises when starting, the sooner you get ahead of the problem the better. If you let the problem go ignored, it can mean further deterioration and potentially a need to replace your unit.

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