The Importance of Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Experts recommend most tankless water heaters receive professional maintenance annually to live up to its 20+ year potential. That’s as much service as a typical traditional, tank water heater requires. But many people are unsure of why a tankless unit would need maintenance, as they are misleadingly marketed by some companies as being “low maintenance” or “no maintenance”.

Water heater maintenance.

Alco is your local Longview, TX plumber you can trust for professional advice and answers concerning your plumbing system. Here is the rundown on the actual importance of tankless water heater maintenance.


Sediment Buildup Occurs in Tankless Water Heaters, Too

Without a tank, sediment will still settle and collect in your water heater. This is more pronounced the harder your water is, or the higher the concentration of natural minerals in the water is. The water in the Longview area is a bit softer than the rest of Texas, but it increases in hardness the further west you go. Some homeowners in our service area may be dealing with harder water than others.

When sediment accumulates in your water heater, it can damage the metal and cause premature failure. In a tankless unit, the accumulation is frequently focused around the heat exchanger, plugging water flow.


Special Considerations For Very Hot Settings

If you like your showers very toasty, you certainly aren’t alone. But keep in mind that if your heater’s thermostat is set to 120 °F or above, scale buildup will be more accelerated because the heat exchanger is getting more use. A professional plumber can factor this in with the hardness of your water and advise you whether you might require biannual cleanings.


Is it Time For Your Tankless Water Heater Maintenance?

You might want to give a plumber a call if your water heater has gone over a year without service. You can reach Alco at (903) 212-7708 .

It’s also time if you’re experiencing signs of buildup such as:

  • Gurgling, Bubbling or Other Odd Noises
  • Cold Water
  • Drop in Hot Water Pressure

Don’t let your water heater reach a total breakdown before calling for help!