Follow These 7 Storm Prep Tips From the Alco Air Team!

When you think of summertime in Texas, what do you picture? Whether you see yourself taking a trip to the Panhandle-Plains or enjoying some authentic Texas BBQ, fun in the sun should be the first thing that comes to mind

However, summer storms do visit the Longview area and we want you to be prepared when they do. Take a look at these seven ways you can prepare to bunker down for any storm and ensure that you and your family stay safe!

Houses in neighborhood.

Build A Safety Kit

The Department of Homeland Security recommends that you build an emergency kit; store all of the items in airtight plastic bags and put all of the bags in one or two larger, easy to transport bins or containers. Your kit should include:

Make sure each person in the family knows where to locate the safety kit, so anyone is able to retrieve it in case of emergency!

Prepare a Safe Room

It is best to dedicate a small room or storage area to storm preparation. Store food, water and other items you may need. This way, you will be organized in the event that you need to grab extra supplies.


Hit the Gas Station & ATM

If you must evacuate, it is best to have some cash on you, as card readers may be down due to power issues. Additionally, you should have a full tank of gas at the ready in case you have to leave the area.


Prepare an Evacuation Plan

Create an evacuation plan and make sure everyone knows what supplies to bring to the car and where they are located. If it’s an emergency and you don’t have time to collect supplies, be sure each member of your family knows the fastest exit route from each room in your home.


Protect Your Pets

Be sure your pets have tags or microchips so they can be identified if you lose them in the storm. This way a shelter will be able to contact you once they are found. Additionally, make sure you know the nearest hotel that allows animals in the event that you must evacuate.


Prepare Your Medications

Make sure you store medications properly should you be stuck inside for a few days. Also be sure to take all of your medications with you in the event of evacuation. Because some medicines have temperature restrictions, have a plan to keep them cool. For example, insulin can be placed in Ziplock bags and kept on ice so it stays cold without being exposed to water.


Know The Area

Be aware of possible safety hazards in your area that may be impacted by a summer storm. For example, high winds could pose a threat to your home if you live in a heavily wooded area. Be sure to pay attention to local news channels, as they may be able to provide specific procedures for your area.


If you have any questions regarding summer storm safety, or require repairs after the storm, give Alco a call at (903)-753-1333. We would be happy to help in any way we can!