5 Water Conservation Tips From the Experts at Alco Air

water spigot in bushes

From watering the lawn to filling up the pool, your irrigation and plumbing systems get a nearly nonstop workout during the summertime! That being said, it’s important to conserve as much water as possible during the milder months to make up for that high summer water bill. Check out a few ways you can save water in preparation for winter, and lower your water bill this holiday season! 

Stop Watering The Grass

While Longview, TX may not experience especially frigid temperatures, winters are much milder than the customary 90-degree summers! Once things cool off, you won’t have to use your irrigation system as often because the sun will no longer threaten to dry out your lawn like it might during the summer months. You should also shut your system down during and after rainstorms, or consider purchasing a rain sensor which can sense rainfall and will turn your system off automatically. 

Cover Your Pool

During summer, evaporation rates are extremely high and you can lose a significant amount of water from your pool as it moves into the atmosphere. Although evaporation is more of a concern when temperatures are high, it does still happen during the winter. Therefore, it is beneficial to cover your pool whenever you aren’t using it, to ensure you lose as little water as possible. Because you most likely don’t use your pool much as it gets colder, it shouldn’t be much of a burden to keep it covered all season long!  

Have Your Plumbing Checked

Seasonal maintenance is essential, and fall is the perfect time to schedule a plumbing checkup! Your water bill will most likely be higher during the holiday season due to the company visiting your home for various gatherings, so the last thing you want is a leaky pipe which will waste more water and further increase your bill. Additionally, routine maintenance extends your system’s lifespan, as your technician will address minor problems before they worsen. 

Consider A Tankless Water Heater

Getting into a cold shower in the middle of winter is definitely not pleasant! However, we waste a lot of water by running the shower and waiting for the water to heat up before getting in. A tankless water heater will deliver hot water much faster, meaning you won’t have to run the shower for a long period of time before getting in. 

Replace Leaky Hose Bibs

From backyard barbecues to block parties, your hose probably did a lot of work over the summer! However, over time it will inevitably suffer wear and tear which, if not maintained, can wreak havoc on your water bills. When summer comes to a close, be sure to check one last time that your hose bib is not leaking. Existing minor leaks can become worse during winter due to temperature fluctuation, and you may need to replace the hose bib altogether. 

If you have any questions about how you can save water this upcoming winter season, call Alco Air at (903) 212-7708 . Our professional plumbers are happy to help in any way we can!