A homeowner in Texas will incur an average of $200 to fix gas line repairs. However, if the problem is ignored, the costs will plummet to $5,000 to cover the excavation processes.

Having a broken gas line will cost you money and impose a danger to your family’s health. The high temperatures in Longview during the summers don’t make the situation any better.

Thus, it’s wise to fix the broken gas line as soon as possible. But how can you tell when you need the repairs?

Look no further as this article will discuss five signs that you need immediate gas line repairs at home.

1. Hissing Sound

If your pipes are somewhere above ground, you will hear a hissing sound as they leak. The sound is a good sign because the gas is still under high pressure implying that the damage is still new.

Besides, you can reach the exposed pipes and conceal them as you wait for reliable gas line leak repair services. Ignoring this sign would only invite havoc in the future.

2. Small Bubbles

When the gas is odorless, it can be hard for homeowners to identify a gas line leak. Fortunately, you can perform the bubble test with water and soap. Mix a little detergent with water and dip a cloth in the solution.

Then, wipe the surface of the gas pipes. Spotting any bubbles from the area will confirm your suspicions.

Besides, if you spot bubbles in marsh areas around your house, you might have an underground leak. Either way, bubbles are cause for worry in this case.

3. Rotten Eggs Smell

Some utility companies have discovered the danger of out letting odorless gas. Thus, they add a sulfur compound to natural gas that smells like rotten eggs.

This way, it’s hard to miss when you have broken gas line pipes. It’s a relief that there is no dead bird in your house. But you’ll need to repair broken gas line pipes.

4. White Mist

When the gas leak intensifies, it can form a white mist around your house. At first, it can be a light cloud which will be hard to miss.

Open all the windows as you evacuate your family from the premises. It’s advisable to call the relevant authorities and emergency gas repair services.

5. High Gas Bills

Sometimes homeowners can completely miss the early signs of a gas line leak. This happens when the gas pipes are underground. It can also be hard to hear any hissing sounds through concrete seals.

These types of gas line repairs demand the attention of professional services. It would be unwise to conduct the excavation process on your own. If you observe higher gas bills than average, outsource a gas line repair in Longview, TX.

Signs You Need Gas Line Repairs

Gas line leaks can quickly escalate to fatal levels. Intake of this gas can cause health side effects on your family.

Once you identify any of the above signs, open all the windows and doors. Evacuate your family as you wait for professionals to take action.

Feel free to contact us for any gas line repairs.