Nobody likes waking up early in the morning. But it’s a lot better to wake up with a headache than to have your kitchen flooded with water. Several thousand dollars in water damage repairs can induce another level of headache, indeed.

Routine plumbing maintenance deserves more attention than most people give it. A regular visit from your local plumber does more than just keep the pipes clear. It may reveal early warning signs of potential repairs, or identify unknown leaks that are killing your water bill.

At the end of the day, it’s much cheaper to pay for plumbing maintenance than for plumbing repair. Keep reading as we discuss all the ways that regular plumbing maintenance saves you money.

Plumbing Maintenance Keeps Your Pipes Clear

Clogged pipes are no fun, especially in the shower or with the bathroom sink. But many people put off clearing them until later. This can be very bad for your pipes and for your home.

Leave a clogged pipe for too long, and it could burst or lead to leaks. Even if you don’t experience any plumbing leaks, clogs that go deep into the pipes can be very expensive to remove. A simple drain unclogging could cost $150, but left to get worse and you could be shelling out a lot more.

It Prevents Future Problems

Pipe replacement is much easier before it cracks or bursts after a leak. And as we said in the intro, water damage repair can lead to a staggering additional cost. Plain and simple, prevention
is a lot better than repair.

A plumbing contractor will spot things that are not obvious to the average homeowner. The warning signs of future problems are always there, they just require someone able to identify them.

Having your plumbing contractor drop by on a regular basis identifies problems before they turn into disasters.

It Saves You Money on Utilities

There are more than just leaky pipes that can lead to a huge water bill. Unidentified leaks can slowly drip away hundreds of dollars without you realizing it. There may be other system inefficiencies that only a skilled plumber could identify.

Certain appliances in your home will run more efficiently if they get routine plumbing maintenance, too. For example, your water heater needs to be flushed every six months to a year. Your water softener, water pump, or water storage tank all require their own individual upkeep.

During this maintenance, your plumbing contractor may identify ways to improve your home systems. A new plumbing installation could very well make your home cost less in utilities and function better overall.

Let Alco Air Handle Your Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance may seem like an unnecessary additional cost, but it actually saves you money. It keeps your pipes clear, preventing them from bursting or forming expensive clogs. It can prevent future issues and make your system run more efficiently.

Texans in Longview have a friend with Alco Air. We handle all the systems that run your home, from HVAC to plumbing. Set up an appointment and we’ll be glad to take care of your plumbing maintenance for you.