One study after another has shown that the average American spends more than 90% of their time indoors. Because of this, it's extremely important for you to keep the air inside your home as clean as you can.

If you have a broken AC system in your house, it's going to be almost impossible to accomplish this goal. The only way to improve your home's indoor air quality will be by Googling "AC repair near me" and hiring one of your local AC companies to fix your AC system.

Here are some of the ways that having a broken AC system in your home can negatively impact your indoor air quality in Marshall, TX.

Dusty Air

If you have a broken AC that still turns on and works to some degree, you might think it's okay to continue using it. But this could end up being a huge mistake.

If your AC system isn't working as it should, it might not be filtering the air in your home properly. It could result in dust getting into the air and flying throughout your home when your AC system is on.

You should be able to eliminate this dust from the air by fixing your AC system and having a cooling maintenance AC tune-up performed in Marshall, TX. It'll ensure that your AC system's air filter is working and able to remove dust from the air.

Germy Air

Dusty air is far from the only thing that you'll need to worry about when you keep on using a broken AC system to try and cool your home off. You might also find that your broken AC will send germs out into the air throughout your home when you have it turned on.

You and your family might start to share more germs than you'd like because of your broken AC system. You might also pass these germs along to any guests who come to visit your home and get sick. It's another reason to schedule a free estimate on AC repair in Marshall, TX.

Humid Air

If your broken AC system stops working altogether, it won't be long before your home starts to get very hot and humid. The humidity in the air can lead to indoor air quality issues.

In a worst-case scenario, this humid air might even help mold to grow in your home and spread mold spores throughout it. Mold can cause a wide range of health complications. You'll want to fix a broken AC in Marshall, TX as soon as you can to stop mold spores from spreading.

Let Us Fix Your Broken AC and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Do you have a broken AC system on your hands? It doesn't matter if your AC conditioner is leaking, your AC pan is leaking, or you have some other issue going on.

Alco Air can fix a broken AC system for you in no time and improve your indoor air quality in the process. We can also help you install a new AC system or maintain an existing one if you would like.

Contact us today to take advantage of our AC services in Marshall, TX, and many of the surrounding areas, including Longview and Kilgore.