Have you ever thought about how horrible dust actually is? Dusting is not the mere eviction of tiny sand-like particles. Instead, you’re wiping tiny insects (mites), dead skin, mold spores, and many other types of filth off your surfaces. Tragically, the smaller bits are often just kicked back up into the air.

Today’s market is luckily filled with different types of air purifiers you could use to improve the air quality in your home or at work. If the health benefits of cleaner air interest you, keep reading and see our five choices for the best air purifying products available.

Types of Air Purifiers and Their Functions

Different types of air purifiers help with cleaning different types of irritants from the air. Unfortunately, there is no true one-size-fits-all solution. There are three broad categories of matter that these machines can clean out of the air.

  • Gases, chemicals, and smoke
  • Dust, mold spores, and pollen
  • Organisms like bacteria and viruses

Cleaning the air of one kind of irritant may require a process that has no effect on the others.  

1. Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Filters help clear gases, smoke, and chemicals out of the air, and are the only devices that can eliminate smells. Air is passed through a charcoal firmament inside the device. The carbon then absorbs all the chemicals that are not clean air. 

Carbon Filters are perfect for people who are sensitive to smells or who have allergies associated with certain airborne chemicals.  

2. HEPA Filter

HEPA Filters are a consumer favorite for clearing the air of irritants like dust. They remove virtually all particles larger than 2 microns from the air, making them useful to the 1 in 5 Americans with a pollen allergy. However, they don’t remove viruses and bacteria from the air because these organisms are much smaller than 2 microns.

3. UV Air Purifier

Ultra Violet (UV) purifiers filter the air through them and blast it with UV rays. By doing so, they eradicate any harmful organisms that may be present in the air. The air that comes out is perfectly safe and free from pathogens, so they’re ideal for people who struggle with their immune systems.

4. HVAC System

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential to have installed to maintain comfort and air health in your home or office. HVAC systems remove stagnant air from inside the building and replace it with fresh air from outside, and include filters that remove dust particles from the air they pump into the building.

Our services in Longview Texas include replacing old or broken HVAC systems, maintenance, and repair of damaged HVAC systems.

5. Ozone Generator

The last device on this list is our wildcard. Ozone Generators create Ozone molecules that bond with harmful chemicals in the air, which then fall to the ground or change chemically. Technically these also target chemicals and smells, but they come with a pretty big downside. 

These generators may be the only dangerous purifiers mentioned in this article. Gaseous ozone can be harmful to a person who inhales it. These machines are not great for use in homes or small confined offices, and are better suited for industrial purposes which require sterilized environments.

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