4 Reasons To Keep Up With Your Plumbing Maintenance

“It’s just a small drip, I’m sure it’ll work itself out.”

“Ugh, the garbage disposal is broken. I’ll just throw these scraps in the trash!”

“The water heater is taking forever to heat up. Guess I’ll adjust the thermostat again…”

“The basement drains keep backing up, nobody use the bathroom down there.”

Plumbing pipes.

These are all common problems that we rarely, if ever, address. However, even a small leak can lead to many more expensive issues down the line. Save yourself the money and frustration and schedule a routine maintenance check-up to ensure your home’s plumbing lines are functioning as they should!

The 4 Most Common Plumbing Maintenance Issues

Water Heaters

Each day, your water heater works tirelessly for you and your family; this takes a toll on the unit over time. To make sure your system is up to snuff, have your water heater drained, cleaned and inspected at least once a year. If your water heater is compromised by silt or limescale, it will be required to work harder in order to provide the amount of hot water a fully functioning unit would. This wastes energy, adding unnecessary costs to your power bill, and contributes to increased wear-and-tear and a shorter working life for the water heater. Solving even the most minor issues can significantly prolong the life of your unit!

Dripping Faucets

It seems as though everyone suffers from at least one leaky faucet. While it feels like the most inconvenient part of this problem is the occasional dripping sound, this is not the case. If your faucet releases one drop of water every second, it could add up to as much as 3,000 gallons of wasted water per year! That’s roughly $200 of additional water usage!. Multiple leaks will significantly compound the damage, both environmentally and financially, so instead of ignoring the drip, schedule plumbing service to fix it before those costs add up any further!

Pipe Insulation

Though it is rare to see freezing conditions in Texas, it does happen, and your pipes could be compromised during an especially cold winter. It is essential to provide insulation for pipes both inside and outside of your home to prevent them from bursting or cracking when they begin to thaw. Even if freezing conditions persist for less than a day, the effects could still manifest themselves in your plumbing and wallet. Your annual plumbing maintenance inspection will ensure that all plumbing is well-insulated and safe from any potential freezes.

Sewage Lines

Let’s face it: dealing with sewage stinks. This is why it is essential to tackle minor issues before they turn into major projects that take a toll on your wallet and your sanity! We recommend that you have your main line and all drains inspected each year to ensure there are no problems. While you may think that pouring various drain cleaners into your pipes is a surefire bet to a smoothly running system, this is not always true! Only licensed professionals will know when to snake, hydro-jet or employ a totally different method to unclog or clean your drainage lines.

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