5 Home Energy Saving Tips to Survive the Longview, TX Summer

Our toasty summers come at a very real price of air conditioning costs. In some parts of the country, people can do without cooling, but in Longview, TX, there is no way of getting around this necessity. Fortunately, there are several ways to cut costs and give you a jumpstart to decreasing your energy bills from than last year.

Tip #1 – Maintain Your Filters

Have you ever opened up your clothes drier to be greeted with damp clothes, then sighed as you realized you forgot to clean the filter beforehand? Your HVAC system is a lot like that. Not only will it not cool effectively with a dirty/clogged filter, but your system will have to work significantly harder, and utilize a lot more energy in the process.

Change your filter every 1-3 months for optimal performance, although pet friendly homes tend to require filter replacements much more frequently than those without.

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Tip #2 – Let Ceiling Fans Do Part of the Work

By running fans with your AC, you will be able to make the room feel cooler and less stagnant. And since fans use less energy to run, you may be able to save money by setting your thermostat on a higher temperature.  

If you don’t currently have ceiling fans, they are a great investment to consider as they practically eliminate the need to run your air conditioning during cooler periods of the year, like fall and spring.

Home Energy Saving Tips | Longview, TX | Alco Air Cooling and Heating

Tip #3 – Be Thermostat Smart

If no one is going to be home, you probably don’t need a perfectly chilled atmosphere. Consider any pets when determining just how high to set it, but a comfortable 75 or 76 degrees isn’t going to bother them. Your furniture certainly won’t mind, so bump up the temperature when you aren’t home and save as much as 5% per degree!

Tip #4 – Open Your Vents

When homeowners close their vents to redirect the airflow, they are inadvertently increasing pressure and forcing their system to work harder. Open all your vents and air will be pushed through your system with much less resistance, saving you money. If you are specifically having trouble with cool air reaching your upstairs rooms, consider a mini-split or zoned system to assist with air balancing.

Also be sure your furniture is not covering or blocking any vents as that could also be inhibiting the flow of cool air into your living space.

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Tip #5 – AC Maintenance Prevents Energy Waste

An unmaintained AC unit may not break down. It may not even be exhibiting any problems. But is will inevitably start running less and less efficiently. It will be working harder to produce the same or less level of cooling and will begin to negatively impact your energy bills.

An HVAC maintenance plan from Alco Air will keep your air conditioning running smoothly through the summer and your furnace functioning during the winter.

Additional Pointers

It helps to try to trim other energy spending while you have to run your air conditioner. You may try opening up curtains and blinds for a natural light alternative, but keep in mind this might heat your home further!

We hope you enjoyed our tips and are ready to take on summer! Call us anytime at (903) 212-7708 for air conditioning services or questions.