Get the Upperhand on Your Longview, TX HVAC System With a Few Tips From the Experts

At this exact moment, your AC could be utilizing more much energy than you want, producing less cool air than it should or slowly breaking down all altogether – and it could be completely avoidable! Follow these pointers to get your HVAC running efficiently & stay comfortable all summer long.

Be Wary of Weeds

Make sure there are no plants or other debris such as birds nests or trash, smothering your outside unit. Many people invest in a small gate or screen, but you can easily trim around your AC as well. Other ways of keeping the weeds away include surrounding the unit with pebbles or mulch so that plants cannot grow in that area. 

Want another easy tip for your outside unit? Give it a rinse with your garden hose to clean accumulated dirt and debris. Don’t worry, as long as you are using a standard hose attachment and not a pressure washer, you’ll be fine!

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Thermostat Tip #1

Lower your AC when you’re not home.

Who are you trying to keep comfortable when there is no one at home? Your furniture won’t benefit. And your energy bill will reflect all that energy usage. Just three degrees is enough to make a difference and that won’t disturb any pets you have in the home. If you’re comfortable with a bigger difference or you don’t have any pets indoors to keep cool, go for it!

Thermostat Tip #2

Extend your WIFI usage to your thermostat. You use your phone to control everything else, why not your thermostat? It will help you achieve ultimate control over your energy usage and AC bills by giving you the option to adjust the temperature remotely depending on your plans or the weather.

Whether temperatures dropped significantly & you want to shut it off for the day, or your parents decided to make it into town early, and you want to cool if down before they arrive, you can simply pull your smartphone out and make the necessary adjustments to the temperature of your home. Just don’t even think about messing with your home’s thermostat while driving!

Form Good Filter Habits

Here are a few guidelines for how often you should be changing your filter:

  • Living alone, no pets, no allergies – Every six to 12 months
  • Family in an average home, no pets, no allergies – Every three months
  • Family in an average home, with a pet, no allergies – Every two months
  • Family in an average home, more than one pet or someone has allergies – Every 20-45 days

And if you can’t remember the last time it was changed…It’s probably time.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

This is without a doubt, the number one way to prevent an AC breakdown. Many HVAC issues can be virtually undetectable to the untrained eye or extremely difficult to diagnose/address on your own, and if left in disrepair, these issues could lead to complete AC failure. If your air conditioning system is maintained regularly, then a seasonal maintenance visit could be as simple as a quick system evaluation, cleaning, air flow & fluid level check.

Don’t End Up Spending Your Summer Getaway Savings on a New HVAC System!

Alco Air has the education, training and experience to keep you at the pool and your system running smoothly this spring & summer. Call us at (903)212-7708  for a quote and scheduling.