Humans have been creating sewage systems since the late Stone Age. Sewage systems as we know them, however, were created in the mid-19th century. It should come as no surprise that the plumbing of today is far more advanced than it was over a century ago. Even the best systems have issues sometimes, and ours is no exception. Among the issues a homeowner might face is a dirty or clogged drain. Dirty drains can have a few different causes, but they’re always bad news. Knowing when you need a professional drain cleaning is important.

We’ll talk about a few signs to watch out for in this article.

1. Slow Draining

Everyone with a drain in their home has unplugged it and noticed that the water is taking several minutes to be sucked back into the pipes. The cause for this is almost always a clog.

Over time, our pipes can get so filled up with particles of all the things we put into them that it dams up a portion of the pipe so water has a harder time getting through.

The good news is that most clogged drains can be fixed with a plunger or a bit of drain cleaner. Drain cleaners work by causing chemical reactions to the clog, causing it to loosen up.

Keep in mind that these cleaners can cause damage to humans and nature, not to mention your plumbing if you have metal pipes. There are organic drain cleaners on the market which use natural bacteria that eats at the materials clogging the drain. These are a more niche product and take a lot longer to get results, though.

2. Frequent or Multiple Clogs

Clogs are going to happen every once in a while, but frequent clogs can be a sign of a bigger problem. For instance, it could mean that there is a larger clog in the system that is causing smaller clogs and other issues.

It could also mean that there might be some sewer backup. Either way, it’s best to discuss these problems with a professional, because if left untreated, it could cause major damage to your plumbing. You may even have to replace some of the plumbing systems, which often costs thousands.

3. Odd Smells

Have you noticed an unpleasant, lingering scent in your home? Does it seem to be there constantly, and in several different rooms?

If you answered yes to these questions, you likely have a serious clog in your system, the type that a little drain cleaner won’t fix. In these situations, it’s best to call a plumber, because you might be in danger of your drains backing up.

Professional Drain Cleaning

We’ve discussed the importance of professional drain cleaning, and how to tell if you need it, in the paragraphs above. However, we haven’t talked about where to find a drain-cleaning service.

You might want to try visiting our site. We have our office in Longview and serve much of the East Texas area. Feel free to contact us and set up an appointment.